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Features and Benefits of EB Cable

Product Overview

Complete from a system overview to wiring harness details

Engineering Base Cable particularly profits from its database-oriented architecture because a large number of quite different documents represents the connection, the wiring or the topological situation of devices, plugs and cables from different angles of vision.

Typical planning stages

  • Functional block diagram
    The functional units and their logical connections are displayed as overviews and immediately appear in the data model in the functions section
  • Physical block diagram
    Devices and modules respectively are displayed, and there is a specification of the wiring harnesses that connect them
  • Detail wiring in the wiring diagram
    Here the detailed wiring is specified. For this purpose all of the information from the superordinate block diagrams is available. The benefit is the increased planning reliability no matter from which angle of vision, everybody works on the same objects in the central database.
  • Alphanumeric wiring
    Even without any graphic you can specify with the aid of special wizards how the wiring is to be done. The information is stored in the data model in the same way as with graphic wiring there is no difference in further processing. This is a special feature of Engineering Base Cable for this branch; it distinctly accelerates the planning progress because you can select the optimum method for each task
  • Modular design
    For complex systems, whose individual units are created in different areas of responsibility, Engineering Base offers its modular design as a unique feature. Many system developers can work on their respective units within one database. Only the interfaces are propagated together with their plugs and their assignments and are used in the superordinate system
  • Harness diagram
    The structure of the wiring harness with its segments and branchings, the connected plugs and the splicing positions is specified in a schematic representation. Protective materials such as tape or corrugated pipes are assigned. Also in this case the benefit is that everything takes place in a system based on a consistent data stock; no interfaces no adjustment errors.
  • Peculiarity in rail car manufacturing
    For the construction of rail cars, the work-sharing procedure is particularly interesting: Generally applicable, function-oriented diagrams are created graphically whereas the wiring for a concrete vehicle based on these diagrams is created directly in the database using an intelligent editor.
  • Special reinforcement for car manufacturing: Engineering Base Cable Automotive
    Complete solution for the electrical logic of wiring harnesses in vehicles. The system design is used to carry out the interconnection of the components, oriented towards the diverse functions (e.g. lights, audio system, engine control, ...)
    The cable diagram uses these specifications to specify the precise wiring setup for a specific car configuration. For this purpose wizards support the automatic plug selection and placement, the cable definition, the specification of disconnection points and the modular design of the wiring harness.
    Based on the disconnection point specifications, the editing of different wiring harnesses of a vehicle can also be carried out and adjusted at different locations and by different suppliers.
    Depending on the planning depth, the mechanical definition of the wiring harness can be done in Engineering Base or can be transferred to production-related systems using the standardized KBL-XML interface



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EB connects
Porsche designs harness designs with AUCOTEC

Nowadays the wiring harness is tremendously complex because it connects electronic components from the window winder to the ESP. In order to plan this „nervous system“ of a vehicle more efficiently and with less material expenditure, Porsche chose the software system Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC. Read more ...

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„Fruitful cooperation“

Agricultural machinery manufacturer AMAZONEN-Werke renews its engineering processes with AUCOTEC platform EB
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Engineering with leverage
Komatsu Düsseldorf benefits from a new engineering concept

Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH (KMG), based in Düsseldorf, is part of the Japanese group Komatsu Limited. KMG‘s history dates back to 1907. With a global market share of 30%, the company is now one of the leading manufacturers of large hydraulic excavators for the surface mining industry. Read more ...

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Precise, Reliable, Flexible:
Satellite control with Engineering Base

For the electrical design of the highly complex drive technology and the sensory system as well as for the ground station antennae for satellite monitoring and control, Astrium now relies on Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC. Read more ...

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On a special mission:
EB improves engineering processes for highly specialised aerospace supplier Aerodata

Aerodata AG, based at Braunschweig Research Airport, is the market-leading developer of flight inspection systems and innovator of real-time data acquisition and process control for the aerospace industry. Read more ...

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In the rail industry, wiring harness makes great strides with Engineering Base.
Solaris Bus & Coach has high hopes for concurrent engineering

Standardisation of documentation was one of the most important concerns. Besides this, the possibility for a number of specialists to work simultaneously on a single project has accelerated the design process enormously. Read more ...

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Safe Dive:
ATLAS Uses Engineering Base for Projecting

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Bremen, is a worldwide leader in maritime electronics. The product portfolio goes from the most advanced sonar systems via deep-sea surveying to minesweeping. Read more ...

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Engineering Base changes the SANY world

Chinese SANY group standardizes its planning processes

The SANY Group Co., Ltd., founded in China in 1989 as private enterprise, is the world’s largest manufacturer of concrete machinery and also the construction machinery manufacturer ranked first in China. Read more ...

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HeiterBlick accelerates planning with Engineering Base

HeiterBlick GmbH builds tram and light rail vehicles for use in public transport. The vehicles that are their main field of specialisation feature bogie technology that  offers outstanding ride quality. Read more ...

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Everyone pulling together!

China's fifth largest automotive manufacturer BAIC develops wiring harnesses with AUCOTEC

The Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) is the fifth largest automotive group in China. Through its own brands as well as in the context of its business transactions with partner companies, BAIC increased its revenue in 2013 to 33.3 billion US dollars with sales of 2.16 million vehicles, making it one of the most successful companies in the Chinese automotive industry. Read more ...