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Engineering Base – Short Introduction

Engineering Base supports the entire life cycle of machines, plants and mobile systems - in a transdisciplinary, collaborative and database-driven way. The functionality of Engineering Base extends from creating flow diagrams through control and electrical engineering in large-scale plants, to the modular on-board networks found in the automotive industry. Users can easily manage project data, and the openness of Engineering Base creates synergy by linking business processes via its unique cooperation platform.

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Create Synergy – Connect Processes

About AUCOTEC and the philosophy behind.

For almost 30 years, AUCOTEC's emphasis has been developing software solutions for documenting electrical engineering and process control systems. AUCOTEC was founded in Hanover Germany in 1985.

From the very beginning, AUCOTEC has offered pioneering solutions by being the first supplier of eCAD software for a PC, the first to switch over to Windows, and the first to combine a graphic system with tabular operation. Even today, AUCOTEC is the leader with its latest development to interconnect all electrically relevant activities. Engineering Base consolidates 2 D CAD tools and allows multiple engineering groups to work from one single database for enhanced collaboration, quality, and efficiency.

In 2001, AUCOTEC opened their first office in the Chicago, IL area. Since then, our North American user base has grown by 78%. Because of the success our users have with Engineering Base, AUCOTEC is currently focused on increasing our presence in North America.

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